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 Price: $117,000
Address: 1301 Lafayette St
City: Beardstown
Reduced Price: $145,000
Address: 205 N Washington
City: Meredosia
Reduced Price: $189,000
Address: 1 Robinwood Dr
City: Beardstown
Reduced Price: $260,000
Address: 15424 Chandlerville Rd
City: Beardstown
New Price: $4,000/acre
Address: Hammer Rd
City: Morgan County
Reduced Price: $117,000
Address: 11386 IL Rte 125
City: Beardstown
Reduced Price: $215,000
Address: 12174 Clark Ln
City: Arenzville
Sold Price: $149,900
Address: 12862 IL Rte 125
City: Bluff Springs
Reduced Price: $199,000
Address: 614 March St
City: Beardstown
Sold Price: $125,000
Address: 2381 Lovekamp School Rd
City: Arenzville
Reduced Price: $135,500
Address: 10308 Stock Lane
City: Beardstown
Reduced Price: $129,900
Address: 911 Edgehill
City: Jacksonville
New Price: $129,900
Address: 1401 Wall St
City: Beardstown
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The listing broker does not guarantee the information describing these properties. Interested parties are advised to independently verify this information through personal inspection or with appropriate professionals. Property may be subject to zoning ordinances. Prospective purchasers are responsible for confirming that their proposed use of the property complies with local, city or county zoning ordinances. The Zoning Administrator for the City of Beardstown may be contacted at 323-3110.